Updated Epitopes

ER, PR, CK, CD15 and CD30

Results of Run8 are dispatched
Cycle 3/Run9 is on-going
General module (Run G9)
CD15, CD30, CK7 and CK20
Breast module (Run B9)
ER, PR, Her and Ki67

New enrolment admissible from Run 10 (to commence in Dec 2018).

“About the QC mark Program”
QC mark is inter-laboratory quality assessment scheme to promote quality immunohistochemistry. The programme measures staining quality as final outcome to assess techniques used and reagents employed. It tries to provide recommendation for improvement and give optimum protocol.
The program derives its basis from the cases received at Baroda Clinical Laboratory and Dr. Udayan’s Laboratory. They are worked-up primarily for the diagnostic purpose and quality check. Before sending the cases, they are reviewed for major technicalities including fixation and adequacy of representativeness of the tissue for the marker in question.
The cases are analyzed thoroughly keeping all the technical aspect of staining in review. The results are released with Good, Optimum and poor scores for final outcome, while the individual steps are commented upon where required. Whenever applicable, they are compared with the peer to give an idea about prevalent standards. Suggestions are provided where necessary. Best protocols are published on the site.
The program aims at improvement in quality standards. The laboratory can request return of their stained sections to revisit the staining and learn. If they wish to re-check the amended protocol, fresh sections are provided. They are reassessed in the reassessment runs.
Wishing you all the best,
Dr. Udayan Kachchhi
Program co-ordinator